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July 14, 2009


the weirdgirl

This is the kind of summer I want. It used to be, for years, that I would try to schedule time off around the winter holidays. And for a few years in a row it worked... I'd always be between jobs or transitioning through a slow period so I could take holiday, etc.

Now that I'm older with a kid I really wish I had the summer off. I wanted this summer to be a nice break, too, but I've been working so much it hasn't been as fun for my son as it could be. Ah, guilt!


I love this post. We too are giving ourselves a bit of a break and it seems to be helping.

And your summer goal? Awesome. If I accomplished that this summer, I would call it more than a success. I would call it a miracle!


It sounds like you are doing much more "being" in the moments of summer TOGETHER wuth your family. That's always a good thing in my book. :-) I hope it remains joyful and stress free (or less stressful?). :-)

The wiping? Good luck!


LOL about the tush wiping.

My five year old is, predictably, inconsistent on that front. I will be glad when those days are over.


So glad you're giving yourself a break -- it sounds like you could really use it.


KayTar is still in diapers, so no luck with tush wiping here yet. In fact, BubTar still tries (daily) to talk me into wiping his. I stand firm, though. LOL. Parenting is a trip.

Glad summer has been a good break for you guys!

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