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April 30, 2009



Those are also very fun ages! You can take them just about anywhere and have adventures without strollers and extra diapers and bottles to lug around... and so many kid-friendly places are PERFECT for those ages! It'll be a fun couple of years for you!


Mine will be 8 and 5 at this time next year! Right now we're 7 and 4.

Meagan Francis

Happy birthdays to your kids! I love eight, for some reason. Maybe because I remember loving being eight. But my eight-year-old just seems so on the edge of childhood to me--still a kid, but so smart and "with it" now too. Outgrowing some of the stuff that made him a difficult little boy at times (super high energy/distractibility) and turning into a really cool big kid. Sniff.

On the other hand, my five-year-old treats us all like village idiots. He's like a preteen girl trapped in a little boy's body. I'm hoping it'll settle down a bit by the time he reaches six.


That is a sweet post. It sounds totally cliche, but wow, time flies and the kids grow up so darn fast. I just realized today that in a couple of months, my oldest is going to be SIX. Can't even believe it!


Happy Birthday to both Jane and Scott. Enjoy the time with your family. :-)


You bring tears to my eyes! While in some ways it's so nice to be at this stage (4 & 8 here) it is hitting home just how fast it really goes). Everyone says that but wow - now we are living it. It's wonderful, sad and amazing all at the same time! Love ya!


Happy birthdays all around!! I love this post. So true, all of it. The slow awakening...


happy birthdays all around and big, big love for you for collectively surviving 13 years of being a mom!

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