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February 21, 2009



This site is like a classroom, eexcpt I don't hate it. lol


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Lori - please come back!

the weirdgirl

This is great! My son right now sounds a lot like Scott at three. I'd always planned on being "that mom"... regardless of how tough it can be now.

(P.S. I haven't booked tickets yet but I'm leaning towards BlogHer! See you then!)

Kia (Good Enough Mama)

I think you've earned every right to be "That Mom." Not because Scott is "that" challenging but just because you've worked so hard to help him become who he is, faults, talents, and all. He'll thank you one day. :)


Words can't describe how happy I am when my beloved mother is proud, it just reflects back on what she is doing (must be doing something right) must be all the love, protection and support that she has given me through this years. I don't know what I would do if I'm not in contact with her or she is not around for me to talk to. She is apart of me that I can't live without in my life. I love her the way you care for your kid:) All the power to you.


Beautiful. Really beautiful.


THAT KID - my grandson - my first born's first born. I'm smiling and crying. He is such a good kid, that kid. He's smart and sensitive, funny, and he's a terrific athelete. I say that as That Kid's Grandmother.
Lori, thank you for sharing Scott and warming my heart


That is AWESOME!


There's a present for you over at Yellaphant today!

Patty O.

That is so awesome! Progress is wonderful. I know what you mean about worrying about your son being too rough. I am the same way. I worry he will get too overstimulated and push someone or tackle them, etc. But, like your son, he has come so far in the last few years and really has a lot more control over his reactions. I love it when he is recognized not for his sensory "quirks" but for his strengths. It makes my day.


Yes! I can relate. Thank goodness for the growth. Wish that was more publicized. Thank you for giving me something to nod at instead of shrugging my shoulders 'cause I can't relate.


It's quite amazing how they grow and as they do our own perspective changes too. We don't have any sporty types around here which makes me all the more amazed. Well done you. [both!]

floating in space

Simply awesome!


I love this post. What a great kid!


What a great post! I can't wait to be That Mom! Scott sounds like a terrific kid (quirks and all!).


GREAT POST!! And, you know, even Michael Jordan was once "that kid" to someone! :-)


Oh my god! You've made me cry!! Big fat happy crocodile tears. Give that fabulous kid and hug and enjoy the rest of your weekend. xxk


Yay!! I love it. You have so much to be proud of in that wonderful boy. ;-)

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