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February 12, 2009



I think you were right on. Sure, Scott will need to deal with unexpected things, but why not prepare him when possible? Because like you said, he deals with tough circumstances every single day. And I am totally with him on the puking in the sink. I get so upset with my husband when he spits, especially when he used to do it in the sink. Totally, completely gross.


Even if it is not in his IEP, it sounds like, if someone knows they should warn, it might be a good thing. And gosh darn, there are SOOO many germs in schools...I feel a little anxious sometimes and have a great relationship with a bottle of lysol.


You absolutely did the right thing. And in time, he will learn to handle these situations better, but he's young, and he's coping with things that set many adults on edge. I know it's hard. But never second guess yourself. You are an awesome mom and he's so lucky to have you in his corner.

(And yes, I do think you need to remind the school and his teacher over and over again that his anxiety is a very real issue and needs to be handled appropriately. Hooray for the school nurse for following thru!!)


Oh, I'm so glad it worked out okay. I used to get so nervous (and bored) in school when I was Scott's age, too. The academic stuff was too easy, but everything else was much too overwhelming. I didn't have OCD but I did have (totally undiagnosed) sensory issues, and some serious social anxiety.

And then of course my own kid as you know has full-blown SPD, and he is easily overwhelmed by strange or noisy events at preschool. He was upset for a week after they had a "school invasion" drill to practice for someone coming in with a gun or something. They told all the kids ahead of time it was just pretend, but even knowing that he found it disturbing. (Then again, who wouldn't find that sort of drill disturbing on one level or another . . . )


Wow, it sounds like you got the nurse on your side and together you really turned Scott's day around. That's something to be proud of for both of you. :-)

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