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November 05, 2008



Tamar Chansky is local. She grew up where I did and sees families. If you want more details, email me, and I can give you some references from people who have really found her to be helpful and wonderful.


I have so little time to read blogs lately .... but now that I know you're posting everyday this month, I will make it my business to be back!!

I hope the therapist will be helpful. I know that in our case it feels good to have someone else in our corner. We are currently working on our second big behavioral goal.


Man, just when I thought I was done crying... ;-)

You DID it! You took the next first steps in helping not only Scott but your whole family. Just like Obama's victory isn't just personal; it affects us all.

Sending hugs and support. xo


What a great post. Thank you for the inspiration. It does get overwhelming, having a kid with special needs, because they rely so much on us, but you're right, we can do this. And it does suck that our kids have to suffer so much and struggle with just the typical daily stuff. It totally sucks, but thank you for the positive spin. I need to hear that sometimes.


Thoughtful post... I think the therapist is a great first step. You need someone who can give you guys some perspective, make some suggestions and help Scott with his coping strategies. Keep us posted, and good luck, my friend. Yes. You. Can.

floating in space

Yes you can and yes you will help Scott. You already have done so much for him. I think seeing a therapist is a good move for all of you. She will point you in the right direction and give Scott some more tools to use.


Oh, man, you really got me with this. Good for you. Sometimes we need an inspirational speech to get us moving again. It did me a world of good, too. I hope the therapy works well for Scott.

So glad you're posting every day this month, I can't wait to read what you have to say!

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