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November 02, 2008



Ooh,it's like being the popular girl that all the guys want to ask to the dance, huh? LOL

I think it's more evenly split ina lot ofplaces than people would imagine. And, frankly, that's what scares me and reassres me all at once. It's what this country is built on —that diversity of thought and belief. The pendulum swings both ways but I sure wish it would stick a bit closer to the middle in terms of the economy!

floating in space

Living with a die-hard Phillies fan who also is a dorky political science teacher has been draining. I will be glad when all of this is over so I can get my husband back.


I don't think Illinois is as evenly split, at least not this smallish town in Illinois. I am sure Chicago is primarily Democrat (it always was growing up) but the town I now live in is super conservative and Christian, and while I am a Christian, I don't really subscribe to the type of born-again fervor many people here do. I can't tell you how many people spout off misinformation in the name of religion. One friend seriously told me that Planned Parenthood purposely gives out defective condoms so more people will have to get abortions. Totally crazy stuff. I just wish more people would really check out the facts...


Indiana seems to be equally split right now as well. I think the big city numbers (for Indiana, anyway), may just push the state to vote opposite of its history.

Now, back to sports.


I can't imagine what it is like you for! I'll be glad when it is all done and over, too.


Sometimes Long Island feels like the 51st state to me. New York is a blue state, but trust me, this island, she is Red with a capital R. When we were out trick or treating, I was shocked to see so many McCain/Palin lawn signs, I commented to my (very) liberal girlfriend, and she shook her head and said, "See, this is why I don't think it's a done deal."


Nice summary of life in a battleground state. I hope your candidate does as well as your teams!!

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