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November 13, 2008


floating in space

Yes, teaching them to navigate through life and to feel comfortable in their own skin.


That Is life...finding that center of control and letting go of the things we can't. It is just harder for some than for others.


Raising my coffee cup in salute and understanding, my friend. Here's hoping you both find more time in the middle! :-) Oh, and when you figure out how to do that...let me know, too? xo


So well-said, my friend. Scott is lucky to have you in his corner. And I have every faith that, in time, you will both find your way to the middle. Or wherever you deem that comfort zone to be.

Julie Pippert

Oh Lori, I understand. It is so challenging to find that line between overfocusing and validating something not helpful and validating and working through productively. When and what to say and how to say it.

I have a lot swirling through my mind and will have to think on it. Maybe more later.

Great post, thanks.

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