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November 10, 2008



Niksmom- Hells yes, you rawk above Susan, as I'm totally not in *her* brlolgol... LOL.Now let's go get some beer and get vajazzled. You first though.


I'm going to BlogHer if it kills me.

And I loved your memoirs, both of them.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Niksmom - we will do something here in Philly or we'll get Jordan on it, she's bossy that way.

inthefastlane - yes, you should go. please. we can run by the lake!

Stimey & Kyla - can't wait to see you again!


Wow. Do you really respond regularly by e-mail or comment to everyone who comments on your blog? I think that makes my six word summary:

"Few replies. I'm such an oaf."


I have one:

Excited for Blogher; will miss Niksmom.

I'm thrilled it's at least slightly easterly this year.


Here's another one for me:
Everyone going to BlogHer except me.

(Ok, I'll stop the pity party now.)


BlogHer...ENVIOUS. *sigh*
Left mine on Stimey's blog yesterday:
Riding the roller coaster with Nik

There are many more, I'm sure.


BlogHer! Looking forward to seeing you again.


I have never been to BlogHer. And now it is going to be driving distance from my home (under an hour, on a good day). I may have to show up...but I don't know.

floating in space

Your 1st one applies to me as well. Such an uphill battle, isn't it? Your 2nd one made me a little sad!

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