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November 17, 2008



I was going to say exactly what MOM-NOS said, I'm very worried about that little girl. She's only 3! That's too young to be damned by anyone for being "bad" - she learned it somewhere and doesn't know what else to do except imitate it. And the fact that she's acting so weird around you is doubly concerning - the child has some real emotional issues going on. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do exactly what you've done, and I know you talked to her mom - you've done an incredible job with the whole thing. But there is a lot more to this for that little girl and I don't actually put any of the blame on her. She's too little.


I'm worried for Q. How does a 3-year-old come up with that? Who has been her role model in this? What has she experienced? How has she been victimized?

I am so, so, so glad that Jane talked to you and that you had the presence of mind to say all the right things in just the right way to her. I'm just afraid that Q has not had someone like you to turn to. I hope that her mother is receptive to what you have to say.

Julie Pippert



We should trade stories. But I must do so privately.

Email me.


This is disturbing on a few levels, at least to me. First off, it would really bother me that the kid comes over all the time and won't even talk to me. That would just piss me off. It is like she is in a battle of the wills. Good for you for laying down the rules. It isn't fair to your kids that people who come over can make messes and not help clean up. And if the kid wants to play, she should agree to rules.

The whole private parts business is definitely upsetting. I am sure it will blow over, and like you said, I don't think it would be a big deal if she wasn't coercing your daughter into removing her clothes. Sorry you have to deal with this...

floating in space

Frightening. Any chance they will be moving?

It's a tremendous relief to know that Jane and Annie's play does not involve any of that stuff, but I guess it's time for us to have a similar talk.


This may be one of your most important posts EVER. Seriously. Little girls —and boys— everywhere edal with this to some degree or another. You just empowered some other mom somewhere to address a difficult topic she wasn't sure how to handle.

I can't wait to hear more about the outcome.
And, I've said it before, you can be really proud that you are raising Jane to be so in tune with what's okay and what's not. Good job, mama!


The stuff of nightmares. I wish you strength my friend in dealing with this quickly and aggressively. Lucky Jane, to have you. I think you handled it perfectly with her. I'm not sure I could have stayed so outwardly calm.


what a smug, little -- oh, i won't. she's not even four years old.

but you know i wanted to.

i'm glad you're not allowing her to play with her daughter anymore. she sounds perfectly horrid.

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