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November 08, 2008



LJ - TJs is one of my favorite topics. I LOVE going there and it's great if you have kids. Top five things i always get there are Milk (BST free and cheaper than the bad milk you get at the regular grocery store) ABC Schoolhouse cookies; Bandito pizzas; Salsa and thier shampoo (not kidding). I could go on and on..

On the recycling, i try to wash out the plastic but if I'm too lazy, i just put the unwashed platic in the regular garbage (bad I know, but i thought it was required to wash it all out!) so i take the easy and non-green route.

Not sure about the liking the kid back thing. Ours are too little - they are supposed to like everyone, right?

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Thanks for all your TJ recommendations and for the advice about the kid Scott doesn't like. I think I will write a follow-up about that where I will explain the situation. And, will answer the other questions along with Slouchy's. Stay tuned ...


Trader Joe's has these awesome chocolate covered, peanutbutter stuffed pretzels that are decadent. We also buy a lot of their sauces and I like their biscotti. we don't have one near us, but there is one somewhat near my mom's house that we go to when we can.


Ha, that was supposed to be "during TAG" - Chicago kids aren't doing "tap" on the playground!


So many questions, so little time!

Okay - so - Trader Joe's - I buy a LOT there when I can get there. We love the snack stuff - the veggie chips and sticks, almonds, trail mix, cashews, honey whole wheat pretzels (yum!)...the 3-cheese pizza (not the 4-cheese pizza, mind you!),the frozen side dish stuff like Nasi Goreng and Pasta Italiana. Okay, I obviously have to just email you a list, too.

Yes, I rinse recyclables so my laundry room doesn't stink. I have no idea if I'm supposed to, though.

Re: kids my kid doesn't like, it depends. If it's a bully type of kid, I say go do your own thing and steer clear unless his actions towards you and others change for the better. If not, I work with him to find out why he doesn't like the kid and see if I can help him understand the child better (maybe that boy keeps bumping into you roughly during tap b/c he doesn't have a good sense of where his body is yet; maybe he's teasing you all time b/c he wants your attention - he likes you and doesn't know yet how to get your attention in a good way). Sometimes he'll come home and say, "Mommy, I gave __ another chance today and it didn't really work out." I don't push it - I mean no one likes everyone, nor do they have to - but I make certain that he's polite to the other kid.


We have no Trader Joes, nor recycling. It is a travesty.

What is your favorite time of day and why?


Since we don't have a TJ's near enough for regular shopping, I make a point of stocking up on certain things when I do get to go. I especially like their store brand balsamic vinegar. It's as good as any other moderately-priced vinegar and much better priced! Also, they have a yummy orange champagne vinegar that's great for using in salads!

I stock up on nuts, rice blends, staple-type stuff. Each store has slightly different stuff based on regional trends. If you like to cook "international" dishes, they have a nice selection of Asian & Indian sauces pre-made.

Oh, and you MUST try the lavender sea salt body scrub. It's HEAVENLY!

Recycling? I rinse stuff out simply b/c ours is only picked up once every 2 weeks. Keeps the bin from getting skanky and doesn't invite racoons/possum.

No help on the friend issue! :-\


You can't go wrong at TJs. Everything is good. I buy the shelled pistachios and cashews, they have great prices on nuts. And their sweet/savory trail mix is very good. Their frozen peas and corn are excellent. Milk, eggs, vegies, all good, all great prices. I love their box mixes for pumpkin bread and brownies... Hmmm. Maybe I should just email you a shopping list?

We don't wash recyclables. Maybe give them a rinse if they are super gooey inside.


You are getting a TJs?! Can I live with you? Seriously, the closest one is two hours away. My FAVORITE thing are the cinnamon pita chips. Sometimes my mom mails me some.

I wash some recyclables. Well, really I just rinse them, but wonder about the water I am wasting, when they are just going to get cleaned again.

A question for you: what is your favorite run and why?


Depends on why your kid doesn't like them back, I think.

Lola was rather irritated with a little girl in 2nd grade that wanted to play with her ALL the time in 3rd grade (she goes to Montessori, so they're in the same class - the girl is also closer to Lola's age than her grade, as she has a Dec Bday, in the same year as Lola - MI's cutoff is Dec 1). She didn't not like her, but she found herself calling this child almost her enemy. This bothered me a great deal, especially because I know Lola is hard to deal with and she should count her blessings when someone with similar interests likes her. It also bothered me as Lola is fully capable of understanding her feelings.

I explained what an enemy was, and that it was by no means an appropriate term. I encouraged her not to use it. I explained that she was simply annoyed by this girl,. (Lola is VERY articulate so I can easily give her the appropriate term and she learns it, unless she's in the mood to fight).

I discussed ways to politely explain she didn't want to play all the time. I also explained what a value someone who genuinely likes you is, as a friend, and suggested she give the girl a chance, occasionally. By the end of the school year, this girl was her second best friend.

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