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November 01, 2008



Seriously, don't feel guilty. The whole point of blogging, I think, is to let off that steam and frustration and just share ideas. If it becomes guilt-inducing then it is just another chore. I do like reading your posts, though!


So glad you are back! I've missed your posting!



I am happy to see you...and I wish you luck this month.

floating in space

Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing your voice this November.


Welcome back! Has it really been two months? Boy, time flies, my friend. We missed you...


Yay!!! I like your determination, too. :-) Don't feel bad about *any* of it (unless it motivates you). Forgive yourself and just pick up the thread and start writing. We'll read whatever you put out here. ;-)


Woohoo! Let's do this.

(ps: don't feel guilty, the blogsphere is like a good book...you can pick it back up when you have time!)

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