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November 21, 2008



I know. Excellent content is such a problem. LOL. Or maybe the limited hours in the day is the problem! Darn clocks.


I am condensing comments:

Dr. "Q": you did the right thing in speaking to your neighbor and you handled it beautifully w/Jane. Can't wait to hear the details of how it went down w/the neighbor.

Trader Joe's: Been there twice already since it opened. I recommend the Asian Rich Cracker snack mix-fat free and so addictive! Also, the tortellini/chicken/sundried tomato concoction-so yummy! Their skim milk has an amazing shelf life. Alsace vidalia onion, gruyere, prosciutto frozen tart/pizza thing-the best! M-ville doesn't have it yet, but I asked them to get it.

floating in space

Just what I need...more blogs to read. Damn.


Great, *another* list of intresting blogs to obssess over. Oy.

Good article though. I cannot imagine having to live with the pressure of producing something written each and every day in a finished form. Too much else going on in my life to think about that!

Hang in there; NaBloPoMo is almost done!


yeah, I agree. Reader has been out of control this month (and I've hardly written a thing!!) I just can't keep up or stand to look at how many posts behind I am in my reading...


This cracked me up. Thanks for that Time link. I just spent 30 minutes before the kids got up (instead of showering, of course) going thru their list of 25 Best Blogs and adding a few to my RSS (which is actually fairly limited - or was until just now), which is great but now I don't have time to read your other recent posts because I have to get my rear in gear and get to the convention and - oh, wait! What were you saying about too much to read?? xoxo


seriously, people need to quit it.

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