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November 12, 2008



It must be so hard for you. Really, it must. I hope the field trip isn't awful.


That sounds so hard...thank goodness for the rain and the reprieve eh?

floating in space

Poor little guy. It's almost like you want to tell him that in the grand scheme of life, a 2nd grade field trip should be nothing to get stressed about, that he will face far bigger things as he grows. But that would just freak him out even more!


I think maybe it is a good idea to email the teacher with a heads up? even if he doesn't make what's bothering him obvious, I imagine it will help the teacher if she knows, unless of course you know he wouldn't want you to tell the teacher.

slouching mom

oof. poor sweet boy.


Yes, this is heartbreaking. Did you say you made an appointment with a new therapist? Sending you a big hug, and sending one to your sweet son, too. So. Not. Fair.

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