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November 09, 2008



Hey Martha- I think that it depends on what you are drinaemg about. Sometimes I dream about things that I thought about or read before I went to sleep. Then, other dreams seem so real that I am confused when I wake up as to whether they actually occurred in my awake state. You know as kids we had the wildest imaginations, then somehow when we grew up we lost a lot of that. I believe that drinaemg is sort of an expression of our long forgotten imaginations, fantasies (I'm not talking necessarily sexual!) which we want to carry out in real life, or fantasies we absolutely don't want to occur. Does that make any sense? Moral of my comment? The brain is definitely an amazing thing. Kristi

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Listening to all your wacky dream stories really made my day! Maybe I should start a meme: your recurring or strangest dream.

Funny that so many people dreamed of giving birth to something other than a baby!

Tracy & the weird girl - yes, I have kept track of the house and have, on occasion, driven past it. It would be out of my price range & certainly not at all like I remember it. But you never know ...

Tracy - I have the same never-finished-college dream where I don't know what to do with my kids and my husband and where am I going to live on campus craziness.

Cyndi - I'm not sure it is about being deep. It could just be that you sleep more soundly. Oh, and doesn't it make you wonder what our kids will think of us and our houses some day?

the weird girl - I am picturing The Shaggy Dog - LOL!

Jordan - wow, that is some dream! You;ll never forget that one!


Wow! Those dreams are intense!! I have nothing like them, ever. It's fascinating to me. Okay, except when I was pregnant. Towards the end of my first pregnancy, I swear to God I dreamed I had given birth to a fully grown African-American woman. Honestly. I can still picture her curled up in the crib. How freaking weird is that?? I guess, when I think about it, who needs any other dreams the rest of her life after that one?

the weirdgirl

See, if I had this dream I would be looking up the house on real estate listings. It seems like someone is trying to tell you something. Maybe that spirit misses you.

All my anxiety dreams lately seem to involve way more body and facial hair than I am comfortable with. Picture the dog boy. I blame them on getting old. Damn you, age!


Wow, as the cousin who you visited it's nice to hear you talk so fondly of Glenfield Drive. You should know, I have those same types of memories of Foxcroft at Thanksgiving.

I have no recurring dreams, does that mean I'm not deep? Oh well!


Your dreams are very meaningful. I have very vivid dreams, but none that I can ascribe such meaning to. There was the one in which I gave birth to a fully grown man who walked across the delivery room with a full beard. Odd...

But, I think it is great that your have dreams that leave you peaceful and calm.


My recurring stress dream is that I am told that all of my work experience has been one big internship and that I still have one semester of college to finish. In my dream I wrestle with how I will be able to move back to campus and still manage to care for my family.
As for places - if family is involved in my dream - I only ever have one setting - the house I grew up in. My parents haven't lived there for 16 years and many of our newest members of the family never even saw the place. Yet, they can all be in my dream and it will still be set in that house. Good or bad dream - doesn't matter. Strange, huh?
As for your house, Lori - do you ever find yourself looking at the real estate ads to see if it is for sale?

floating in space

Very interesting! I have the same recurring college dream as you, and when I was pregnant with my kids I always dreamed that were born cats. Strange.


Weird! I used to have a recurring dream about a high-rise barn that only had chicken wire rather than walls, and I always fell off the top. It was always snowing. Weird.


Wow. I have no great insights but I can totally relate; have a similar dream sometimes. It's more about reliving something from the past thanit is about the place, though. (Cue Twilight Zone music!)

Very interesting piece!

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