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August 03, 2008


drama mama

I dated a guy like this once.

Poor you. Poor him. Hang in there.

the weirdgirl

Oh, you poor thing. Both of you! I'm sorry. My son is still young enough where if he's having a really rough day I just make him take a looong bath. I'm not sure what I'll do when that stops working (and he starts talking more).


Me again! I just wanted to let you know that I've tagged you for a meme. Please see my latest post for the deets! If you can't do it,no worries!Just let me know and I'll tag someone else. :)

Patty O.

Wow, and I thought I was alone in the insanity of parenting a kid with SPD!! My only comfort (and this will sound horrible!) is that my son's speech is delayed by about a year, so I don't get quite as many arguments and excuses. instead, we just get a lot of fights and crying without quite understanding why. I take that back, it is no comfort at all.


Um, are you sure that you haven't kidnapped MY son??? Sounds like they're one and the same!

I'm glad that Good Fountain led me to your blog. Sounds like our boys have a LOT in common!!


Anxiety is difficult all round.
Glad he made it out swimming.

The Broken Man

Oh dear - sounds like a tough day.

The Broken man



Oh my. Poor little guy. Poor you.

Julie Pippert

That's rough. You keep trying, and want to guide it in a good place, and keep patient, and part of you must be wanting to lay down and do deep breathing uninterrupted for ten minutes. (hugs)

If it helps at all, I feel like screaming by the time I usher the kids out b/c our conversations? not that terribly different right now.

Frog's Mom

Diva is my anxious child - so frustrating and you just ache for them. Hope some fun got through those fears.


A window into my future . . .

Eh, what am I saying. It's a window into my past, too. I was practically that anxious as a kid.

I wish I'd let myself have more fun.

slouching mom

oh, lori. i ache for him, that he's feeling so much anxiety.

give that boy a hug for me.


Poor dude. Poor you. It must be so hard for you both.


Oh boy-good luck tonight at Football. Let us know if Scott needs some time w/Dallas-it may help him. You are a very patient mom!


Oh honey. You should be a diplomat to legions of foreign entities.

kyra anderson

oh my! we have our version of that over here. the anxiety, pouring out about all the things that are changing and cant' be stopped. it must feel like watching an avalanche approach from a distance. it will pass, yes? as it has before and maybe when it returns, it will have lessened. sending xxx in the meantime!!

Lori at Spinning Yellow

They did make it to the pool. Usually the worst part is just getting out the door. But would you all be surprised to hear that this post is only the tip of the iceberg? It does come in waves and right now things are particularly bad b/c the football thing starts today, we are getting ready for vacation, and there is a sense that summer is winding down. Whenever things are changing or new, the anxiety spikes right up with all things, even those that were not a problem previously.


Oh Lori. That's a whole lot of anxiety for one little guy. Hope he made it to the pool and I hope he had a great time!


Reminds me of my standard chant 'fun, new, exciting!' Doesn't work though.
Best wishes


Um, Lori? I see where the migraine might've come from.

But seriously, the poor kiddo, he's really having a rough go of it. Is there anything he is enjoying these days that doesn't cause any upset?

All that and: ANXIETY SUCKS.


Oh dear. Hope it lets up soon! BTW, did you make it to the pool??

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