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July 17, 2008



Please update, Lori (when you can-- no pressure--haha)! I want to hear all about your trip.


As I seem to have said elsewhere, so near and yet so far.
Best wishes

slouching mom

I enjoyed meeting you, Lori. I really did.


i love this post.

i know you've gone and are back and it sounds like you had a FANTASTIC time! congratulations! my goal is also to step out of my comfort zone. maybe we can all meet at BlogHer2009?


You really need to update this post :)


It was so great talking with you!! I'm brainstorming about that little project, I think we really should do it!


it was an absolute pleasure to spend some time with you


Everything will be fine, Lori! With the kids, and with you. I am sure by now (3 days later) you have really enjoyed yourself and the kids have been having a great time. Time away is really difficult. I hate it most of the time. But it can be good for everybody. It always makes me appreciate my children and my husband that much more.


miss u.


Hey! I figured I'd finally post something since the people that usually do are probably with you right now not posting. So glad to hear that you're getting to go to blogher again this year. Hope you have fun, get rejuvinated, and stay on your feet [instead of on your face :)]. Can't wait to hear all about it! P.S. By the way, it warms my heart to no end to think of you finally enjoying summer! I've told you all along it was a great season. Happy you're finally coming around.

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