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July 13, 2008



I still have that summer anxiety thing going. Glad you are feeling more free!


I knew it would go quickly because my eldest is 26. So saying, my other three are 10, 9 and 7 and a half. I must have blinked or something.
Best wishes


Yeah! Gotta love summer! So glad you are enjoying it this year!


Must be something in the air. We've got a big dose of it ourselves--loving every minute of this crazy mixed up summer! And three cheers for "what a difference a year makes" in my son and my nephew.

mrs. chicken

so lovely. makes me want to count my own blessings.


Lori, this is so great. Matt and I (my Matt!) were just talking at dinner about how - even with our little challenges too - this summer is SO much easier than last year! Maturity is an amazing thing, I think. I'm glad you'd enjoying it and I can't wait to meet you next weekend!!!

slouching mom

i'm so, so happy for you, l.

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