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June 17, 2008



How did I miss this wonderful post?? I hope you had a happy birthday, Lori!


Talking heads indeed. I think the forties are a great decade, hopefully I can say the same thing about the next one too!


Just catching up on your last few posts. You never fail to write EXACTLY what I am thinking (minus the SPD stuff). EXACTLY. As I cleaned up spilled milk for the 8th time this week yet I've already been in Atlanta for a whole month. Time warp.

40 is great, embrace it!!! I am, but I won't rule out botox :)


Happy Birthday! I was fine with 30 and 35 -- I'm already stressing about 40 and it's 2 years away. Life is a crazy thing.


Happy 40th Birthday Lori! It was great seeing you and Matt the other night! 40 really is the new 30 ;)

the weirdgirl

Happy Birthday! (I love all theses Geminis online.)


Happy belated birthday! I'm going to print out this post so I can reread it in a couple of years when it's my turn. You have such a wonderful attitude.

Mrs. Chicken

Happy birthday, and thank you for such a wonderful primer on how to turn 40 gracefully. I believe you have so much ahead of you still. Best wishes!


Happy birthday! Milk the "turning 40" event as long as you can! You deserve it!


"Take a picture, here in the daylight
Oh, ho!
And it's a wild, wild life
You've grown so tall, you've grown so fast
Oh, ho ho
Wild, wild
I know that's the way you like it
Oh, ho!
Living wild wild wild wild, life."

When you are running for speed, you concentrate on the person ahead of you or the ground at your feet and you worry about the time.

When you are running for distance, you look down the road and see what's around you. You may not get there as fast, but get further.

Life is much like running, sometimes we have to run fast sometimes we run long. Your "training" program should have a good mixture of the two, that's the only way to improve over the long run.

Enjoy your birthday... and never give up on your dreams


Great post! Happy Birthday - have a great day!

Julie Pippert

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can so relate oh yes so relate to this post.


happy birthday! i really felt liberated by turning 40. have a fantabulous celebration!


Happiest of birthdays to you, friend. It sounds like you've got it all figured out.

slouching mom

Oh, L.! Have a wonderful birthday!


Happy Birthday!! 40 is a fabulous age, for all the reasons you describe. I remember it fondly...


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