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May 21, 2008



i know! i was wearing my fleece and my down vest yesterday. oy.

and i'm right there with you and the blogging... i'm trying to jump start myself this week!


I hear you-I still have the heat on!! What is going on-we usually have the AC on by now! BTW, I my allergies have been worse than ever this year too. Hope to see you guys soon-let's try to hang out & bar-b-q soon :)


You won't be liking Summer when you are doing those long training runs...


I have been underdressing my kids lately, foolishly thinking it will get warmer as the day goes on. Not so. I just end up with freezing kids.


I hear ya. I'm really having trouble grasping that all these late spring rituals are taking place when we still have temps in the 50s. But I know that one day soon we'll wake up and summer will have arrived overnight. I had hoped for a warmer spring after such a long, cold winter.

Julie Pippert

Summer arrived here on Sunday. Just in time for the pool party and grand pool opening (neighborhood pool).

That's *very* late for this region. To be cool in May? Able to wear long-sleeved tees? UNHEARD OF in Texas.

I hope your warmth comes soon.

Or just come visit the Gulf Coast before the real heat kicks in and hurricane season arrives. ;)

slouching mom

rainy and SO COLD!


Yes, I turned off the heat two months ago. We spent April and most of May with a space heater in the living room and extra blankets on the beds. Saturday we put the space heater in the attic and brought down the fan. I'm thinking that was a bad move.

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