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May 15, 2008


the weirdgirl

What's that carbonated/sensory thing? Because I have always had a very low tolerance for carbonation. It's why I don't drink soda. Except for the occasional root beer.

I TOTALLY want a Victorian! I plan on buying one when I'm rich.


Glad to see you're back.

No carbonated beverages for me either. They make me feel like a bloated whale.


I love all that is quirky; well maybe not the socks :)


I think my 5 current things are the same as yours. No wonder we get along so well!

I love the quirks and the fact that we all have funny little quirks. It makes me feel much less crazy!

Glad you are posting again :)


Mmm, slippers. Me, too. Yes, even in summer, although I have some lightweight ones. ;-) And I officially tag you for that meme. Get to it!

(Oh, and when you get that house in New England, PLEASE invite me. For a month. Okay?)


You are so funny, and quirky. I like to wear slippers too, and pajamas. All day if I can get away with it.

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