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March 11, 2008


Lori at Spinning Yellow

Jordan - You always leave the nicest comments! You make me feel like I am more than good enough and for that I am very grateful.

tulipmom - thank you for the website, I think I've gotten ideas from there before. I feel like each year I am less creative. Planning birthdays really does get old.

Cyndi - my dear cousin, so nice to see you here! You will forever be defending Syracuse when you defect to the south. I know what you mean about being productive, it's like the old saying, "if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it".


Ok, stop bashing Syracuse. No actually go ahead. I was just complaining about the same thing this morning. I can handle Syracuse most of the year, but March and even April are the hardest. March because it is still truly winter. April because you so desperately want Spring but mother nature is still making up her mind. The there are the years it snows on Mother's Day. Atlanta looks better by the day.

Sorry you were all sick. We just had the strep thing. I was just waiting for the other but it never happened, knock (hard) on wood.

You have to cut yourself some slack. Everyone has productive periods, be they days, weeks or months, but those are balanced with "just get through it" time periods. It's like in school when you had a bunch of extra-curriculars going at once and got everything done and when you didn't you couldn't even get your homework done. I am currently in a slump myself, so I completely understand.


Sounds like you all have really been through the ringer. Cleaning up never-ending puke has got to be one of my least favorite tasks in the entire world.

I'm hoping these next weeks will bring good health and some easy birthday ideas. Speaking of which, check out wwww.birthdaypartyideas.com .... chock-full of party inspiration.


Oh, God. How awful. We've had that a few times, and there's nothing worse. But I always bounce back from a time like that with a new attitude and fresh energy, as if we nearly missed getting hit by a train - sounds like you've bounced back,too. But go easy on yourself, sometimes it's nice to take a respite for a while. It might not always feel productive, but you must have needed it! It's nice to "see" you back here, though!


I can totally relate to everything you wrote about... March, the birthday parties, the puking.

I'm glad all of that handwashing paid off and your puke-free streak is still intact.


Ugh. I'm so sorry about the sick. But I'm with you, I hate it too. Poor babies!!! And yes, time does seem to be zipping away from us.

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