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March 27, 2008


Barb Laurenson

I hope you see comments even if they are posted 2 months after the post it references! I had two - 2! - dreams about you last night, so I prioritized going to Spinning Yellow this morning. BTW, both dreams were good - something about sharing a ski cabin at Tahoe and something about you getting me in touch with a friend of yours... Anyway, you have a free place to stay if you come to SF. It won't be at the hotel but it's a direct BART trip to downtown. Congratulations on the half marathon and for signing up for the MC marathon!

the weirdgirl

It would be really cool if you came to Blogher ('cause I want to see you) but I totally understand about the cost. It feels like I'm still paying off last year's trip.


Ok, I'm pretty sure I'll be at BlogHer and I want you to go, so that's sort of a good reason right there!

I'm so in awe of your running. I just finished my run but I'm too embarrassed to tell you what I consider a "run." I often read about training for a half-marathon -- sadly, reading doesn't help me be a better runner.

Happy Birthday or anniversary to your blog.

And finally, I read your ups and downs with Scott, but never comment because I have no experience with it and fear saying something stupid, but I am always quietly rooting for your sanity and his development.

Terry (planet3rry)

listen to Matt. He is right.

mrs. chicken

Happy one year! Isn't blogging so weird and wonderful?


Happy Blogiversary! I hope Scott's anxiety has lessened a bit. I'm so impressed with your running. I finally caught 10 minutes of Autism: The Musical today and then was interrupted by a phone call followed by D. and SB returning from the Kite Festival. One of these days I'm going to see it in its entirety.


A very Happy Blogday!!
I cant wait to see this musical that everyone is talking about!


Happy Blogaversary! 10 miles is quite impressive. You can definitely do 13.

And I'm with you on Autism: The Musical. I was left with wanting more.

Good luck with the bus anxiety. Hopefully it will lessen over the weekend.

Julie Pippert

Happy blog anniversary/birthday! Here's to luck with Scott's anxiety attacks and the chocolate. Congrats also on the running!


Wow, so much to say! Happy Blogaversary, I love this blog. Congrats on the running! I'm totally impressed. Sorry about Scott's anxiety, hope he settles soon. Maybe when you do your taxes you'll discover an amazing refund coming your way and then you can justify San Francisco! Here's hoping.


happy blogaversary and runaversary to you!!!!


Happy anniversary (or is it birthday?) to Spinning Yellow.

Sorry to hear about Scott's anxiety. Sending both of you a big hug...

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