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March 14, 2008



The people that I know that got motgares way beyond their means just boggles my mind. I fear this will get worse before it gets better. Then again, people will start dumping houses for cheap and I might have a chance at actually affording something.


I'm a little late with my sympathy, I know, but this is really too funny. My J is a puker too as is my best friend. It's a standing joke, whether she's drunk or not, before we get in the car to go home from hanging out anywhere eating/drinking you say to her, "Do you need to puke now or can you wait until we get home, because I don't want to have to pull over on the freeway."


Wow, all this talk about puke makes me want to puke! Hope everyone (Grammy too) is better now!


I'm still laughing at the "I'm sick from the guilt" line .... hilarious!

SB is and always has been a puker. First it was projectile vomiting from reflux; these days it's either the result of car sickness or coughing too much from cough-variant asthma. As long as he makes it to the bathroom, a bucket, or the side of the road in time (which thankfully he usually does), I'm ok with it.


We are anti-pukers here.

Open the windows, bust out the Lysol and Clorox bleach wipes. No more dance class, either. I think that's where all of this pukeness begins.

Feel better, Jane. And Grammy too.


i am against puking.


I think I've said this before, Lori. I'm with you. No puking. In fact, I can't even write the words on my own blog. When my son was sick yesterday, I posted about it, but danced around the whole gory truth of it. Not only do I hate when it happens (to anyone), I almost can't acknowledge it when it does.


This is pretty hilarious. I have to admit, Lyle is a Puker. Oh, and maybe Baxter is, too, now that I think about it. I can't believe I'm thinking about this! God, hope everyone is healthy there soon!

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