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February 07, 2008



Nip on over and collect your award dearie.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Matt - you watch LOST and I don't even know it. What other secrets are you hiding?

Sure, Laura, leave it to you to live up to the name Be-Yotchful! I'm mad at YOU for not starting a blog, so there! Oh wait, I was supposed to help you with that. OK, you have a right to be mad at me!


I'm a little ticked-off quite frankly-however, I am glad u r back! Hope everyone feels better-we were all sick too, except Emma. TGIF......


Triple Run Around Day = a dream come true.

Glad to see you're back.


wellcome back!

and sooooo glad Scott was well enough for gym AND recess AND basketball. that's what i need! some good old fashioned ACTIVITY!!


Aha! I've stuck you in my sidebar in the folder = 'no feed blogs' which sounds a bit mean, like I'm starving those little blogs or some cruel!

Glad you are both 'up and running' although you know I'm allergic to all that stuff.

It is amazing how they grow and learn and change.......probably us too huh?


Missed you!


Please keep posting...I really need to know what's going on around here and was beginning to feel a bit "Lost" (good episode last night btw). Not every post has to be Pulitzer worthy :)...please keep posting!


Ah, a Triple Run Around Day - what could be better? I love it!

And yes, you've been missed...please do write it out, I hope that works for you.

Don Mills Diva

Welcome back - hope Scott continues to get better...


Hooray! You write. Write on. Glad to hear Scott is feeling better. I don't mind the sick days so much either. Kind of makes me feel like I have license to be a doting mom.

Missed you.

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