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January 16, 2008



Ken what a lovely photo and how great to see the older boys take the time to ecgnuraoe the young ones in the love of the game. This photo will always be special for us and the contrast in the Jerseys makes this such a fun photo. Thank you for taking the time out to get the shot! Tamara Bebb


Congrats on Star of the week!
I just love that book!


Alright, I am done. Enough already-where r u? I had an excellent idea and need to know about how it all went down!!! Sheesh.........


Aha! Found you but you've not updated yet.


That is so fabulous. One of mine is just like that, bending over backwards to make everyone else happy when it 'should' be his day.
Best wishes


Congrats on Star of the week! I will keep my fingers crossed that it all goes well.


I love The Giving Tree! I wish I had some ideas, but I am the worst at thinking up those kinds of things. I hope this year goes as well as last, that's a great story!


What a great story about last year. I bet Scott will never forget that.

Thanks for reminding me I need to dig out The Giving Tree from my teacher stuff in storage.

I really like Laura's idea ... I did something like that with my students and I think they really enjoyed it.


I love that book and still have it from when I bought it in my early 20's! What a great choice.

I think you & Scott should make a little prototype tree with little kind gestures written on a leaf to do for each other that a kid can pick each day from the tree-like share your snack with a friend or help the teacher hand out papers. Put as many leaves on the tree as the # of kids in the class and then try to come up with nice things to do. You know, like shut your mouth and stop talking so much. Tee-hee, you get the picture!

Have fun!


Star of the week...I can see the light from it all the way over here.

Julie Pippert

Sweet book choice! And what an awesome story from his previous year. He will remember, and you too.

How much time do you have for an activity?

Could you do a craft related to the book? Such as painting a tree or something on a piece of wood?

Or the follow the clues and solve the case of the missing whatever is always popular with kids this age IME. The missing thing could be a small tree that you donate to the school to plant.

That's off the top of my head. Hope it helps or gives you an idea. :)


I love that book! As for the game, I am so not good with that kind of thing. I'm glad my girls like to do crafts!

Don Mills Diva

Aww - congrats to Scott. He's going to do great. That is also my son's favourite book!

slouching mom

that moment when he read green eggs and ham -- beautiful, poignant, moving.

sigh. lovely.


what a wonderful book Scott chose!

gee, i wish i could think of a good game to play--all i can think of are ones i'm sure are 'too babyish!'

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