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December 16, 2007



Okay this was a hilarious story. I am so glad I finally stopped by your blog. I have seen you on Julie's comments list, but well you know...best laid plans and all. Great story!


Funny story! Especially Jane "It's complicated" ha!

My husband is always accidentally FUN for the kids too when I'm trying to be mean or get them to do something. It's like having three kids instead of two sometimes!


Hey, better safe than sorry. I learned not to take fire lightly. Thanks for the visual though! I can picture the whole scene.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Your comments are cracking me up! But in defense of my husband, he did make the fire b/c he knew I was stuck at home and would like it.

And I appreciate that many of you prefer your pj's, too (but it still doesn't excuse me from regularly not getting dressed until afternoon!)


Yikes, glad the chimney wasn't in flames, that would have been pretty bad. And I'm really glad Scott wasn't home, I can imagine that would have been too much for him.

But oy, husbands. WTF.


Jane is never going to want to leave your house now! Glad the fire turned out to be nothing. And you are so right that it never would have happened if Matt wasn't home ;)


Being at home, boring?

Ha. If only that were so.


Well, so many things to comment on here. First, I am so grateful to know that I am not the only one who spends more time in pajamas than out. I have even taken to wearing my long winter "dress up" coat so that I can stay in my jammies for school pickup and no one is the wiser.

Second,these men have got to go to work. They have to be in the office every day. When they are home, things go wrong. Very wrong. Schedules are blown, hours are wasted, it's really a disaster. I get more done when my son is home than when my husband is home!

And finally, the fire? So glad it ended well. Our town is like that too. 911 and 45 seconds later, the whole town and every emergency vehicle in it is in your driveway.

Merry merry!!!


okay, that was just what i needed! so funny! but i'm very glad all was okay.

off to our holiday.

hope yours are delightful!


Oh my. Yes, I can see how it will be hard to convince Jane that home is boring now! LOL

Glad it all worked out ok. Sheesh, if getting dressed on a regular basis were a requirement for a happy marriage...I'd be single! Like Tm, I get dressed to go out and do things but when I come home I slip back into my sweats/jammies...I just like to be comfy!


I can so relate to one's hubby being home-it is kind of a PITA sometimes! Anyway, that was hilarious!! Thursday was one rotten day!


Oh do I understand! Having Daddy home made it SO much harder to get SB out the door to where he needed to be each day.

As for the non-fire, thank goodness everything was okay.

I'm still laughing at the part where you say "number one on his rather long list of reasons why he was leaving me would be, "does not get dressed all day"." I'm dressed when I take SB to school and pick him up (obviously) but when I'm home during the day, 9 times out of 10 I'm in my pjs. I know D. thinks entire days go by where I don't get dressed since that's what I'm wearing when he leaves and again when he comes home.

Julie Pippert

Holy cow! WOW! I don't think your husband overreacted though. I think any sane person would do that, call the fire department. better to do that and feel a little silly later than otherwise.

Glad it was all fine but wow.

P.S. About the dance...have they recently begin talking about recital or anything? My niece suddenly balked at dance class because they mentioned the recital. Just an idea. And sorry...my post for you has gotten pushed back!

Using My Words


Oh, my god, what an adventure! I'm so glad it turned out to be okay. I can see now why it's hard to have Matt working from home. ;-) You're going to have to try a lot harder to be boring over there!! (Oooh, and did I ever relate to suddenly being home with a 3-year old when you had a lot planned - ugh!!)

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