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December 12, 2007



Lori I just made peace with the fact that I'm going to blog once a week and that's that. But I know what you mean, because I often feel guilty that I'm always 2 to 3 weeks behind on reading other people's posts. (SO VERY GLAD NaBloPoMo is over!)


Slacking? No way. Life should always take precedence. And when you need blogging to make sense of life? Well, here it is.

I join the others in saying snaps to you for speaking candidly to the other mother. We do have to educate people. And that's on my mind too, the gee, he seems fine, mentality, but we have to move past that. Society needs to accept the fact that there are some disabilities that can't always be seen, or clearly defined, but they are no less valid than the ones that can.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Thanks for the comments! See, I knew I could count on you even though I have been slacking!

Dee - I am looking forward to reading Baker Towers, I put it on my Christmas wish list. And I know what you mean about processing information. I definitely need to hear/read about something for awhile before I understand/accept another way of thinking.

Julie - I am so excited that you are going to post on this! I look forward to reading it.

Julie Pippert

I don't know how to reconcile the blogging guilt either. The desire to read everyone I "know" and like..and comment (too much), plus my own desire to write. You figure it out, please share.

I am glad you explained to the mom. I think you did a good thing on many levels.

Let me try to explain why without making an utter jackass out of myself.

Okay and THAT just went on TOO LONG. So I will write it up as a post for my own site, quote a few sentences, link here, and put it up tomorrow-ish.

Using My Words


Good for you for feeling confident about educating the mom about SPD. I'm sure when you told me about SPD 2 years ago, I may have had the same reaction initially. I have a much greater sense of it now, through conversations with you and through this blog. People learn and process information differently, so you never know when you will reach someone who says "I know exactly what you mean!" As for Jennifer's book, I'm glad you finally had the chance to read it! Her second book, Baker Towers, is good too, in fact I think I may prefer that one a little more. She has great descriptive ability. The English teachers in high school just loved her, and I am sure she has made them very proud.


Lori, please don't feel guilty about blogging or not...it has to work for YOU. We are just the happy voyeuristic masses who get to peek into your world. :-) Things will find a new equilibrium and you'll figure out what works for you, I'm certain. I think you've voiced what many of us feel very often.

Glad you "outed" yourself/Scott at the bus stop; that mom may walk away thinking you made it all up or she may start thinking more about it and decide she needs to know more. Either way, you didn't hide out or cringe in shame or embarassment as many would have. Hold your head up wit pride! :-)

Here's wishing you a sane and peaceful weekend to catch your breath and relax. :-)


I never know how much to say either, but it sounds like what you said was perfect.

And I'm with you on the blogging guilt. Any chance we could magically add a few extra hours to each day?


I've also been wondering if you were okay.

Good for you for not passing up the opportunity to educate the other mom. I think I worry too much about others thinking I'm making excuses for SB's behavior.

As for Scott's heightened olfactory sense, SB can't even stand to be around me if I've had peanut butter within the last hour.


Oh - and I forgot to say, nice job with the mom at the bus stop - it's so important to educate other parents even when they don't seem to get it.


Owen Meany is in my top 10, too. Love that book. Thanks for this new recommendation!

I was just thinking about you today, in fact, and wondering if everything was okay, so I was happy to see that you posted. No need to feel guilty - we're all here when you have time and something to say.

Oh, The Joys

I love Owen Meany too!

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