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November 09, 2007



Thank you for sharing your touching and heart-wrenching story. I, too, am the mother of an SPD kid and went through a similar odyssey of frustrations and professional evaluations before discovering the root cause of the weird behaviours and bodily issues. We are in therapy now and are making progress. Thanks again. And feel free to get in touch with me through my blog.


Wow. It's heartwarming to see the struggles you went through with your son, and to see that you've reached, if not the other side, then a position a little further along the path.

Your love for your boy and your stamina are so obvious. I applaud you for getting him through such a difficult issue. You're an inspiration!



I waited until the whole story was finished to comment. Thank you so much for sharing this. I had never heard of SPD before and I'm fascinated by the implications for some children that I know, too.


First of all, thank you for sharing this story.

Sometimes we get upset and blame ourselves or one another when the going gets tough. Yet, these things didn't happen to you and Matt, your marriage wouldn't have been so strong, nor your understanding of Scott be so deep.

So i say, all these experiences were worthwhile! And most of all, i applaud your courage to face up to the problem even when there seemed to be no way out at some point in time!


Thank you for sharing this story. We all have to endure so much as parents and the kids endure more than we can imagine. Very well versed and your perspective in the end was right on.


Yes, I love the positive spin, the work together, show each other the way approach. To my mind, that will bring us the most progress in raising these very special children. I wish all parents found their way to a similar conclusion.

Thanks again for sharing, Lori.


i must go back and read the other parts to this wonderful story. hooray for you, for your commitment and love and strength.


While I knew some of this, I didn't know every heartbreak and every accomplishment thereafter. This story will help a lot of people, including me! Thanks!


I don't know what else to say except thanks for sharing all of this.


I am amazed. I just read all 4 posts at once and I am overwhelmed. You and Matt are to be commended for holding it together, you've had a tough road, one I know most people in your (our) family just do not fully understand. Thanks for posting your story.


This is really excellent, Lori. You should write that book! Scott (and Jane!) is lucky to have you.

slouching mom

This has been a wonderful series. And it will be incredibly helpful, I suspect, to a good number of parents. Bravo!

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