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November 08, 2007



We all have to learn our own ways, don't we?

The bathroom just being the beginning...

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Kristen, you beat me to the whole summing it up 4th part!! I couldn't agree more about the difference in our parenting than our parent's generation.

This is about our struggle with the pooping, which is something many people go through and don't realize there are others, too, and that there might be solutions they don't know about it.

But, more universally, it is totally about working together with your child, no matter what your specific issues are! I am so glad you get it!! I'll post today about that. Thanks again, everyone, for your support and understanding.


Yes, thank you for sharing. This isn't just about the pooping. It's really about how we can learn to trust our kids and help our kids and work together to solve problems and overcome obstacles--a far cry from the kind of authoritarian parenting many of us were raised with. For a lot of our kids, I know it's true for mine, the team approach to their challenges yields faster and stronger results.

Thanks for putting your story out there, Lori.


Ditto Tulipmom's comment, word for word.

I'm glad you decided to share your story. There ARE other people out there struggling with this.


"I wasn't holding it in, Mom. I just didn't know how to let it out."

I'll never forget SB (5 1/2 at the time) telling us he didn't know HOW to poop on the potty.

I have lived/am still living so much of this story.

Occasionally when SB gets really constipated (as in hasn't pooped for days) he'll beg to put on a Good Night during the daytime because ultimately that is still the most comfortable way for him to go.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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