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November 07, 2007



You and Matt are such good, solid parents. I am so proud of you both for perservering! It reminds of how aweful we felt about Dallas when he was in Mrs. Kaplan's class and he just wasn't right for that class. We had him evaluated by a shrink (who was amazing) and she coducted some play therapy w/Rich and it was unbelievable to watch. She read a letter from the school detailing the problems w/Dallas and she was disgusted. Turns out that we were doing all the right things by our son and the school was very hard on Dallas. He just said to me the other day that he only really only liked Miss Terrie and Miss Tuyet-amazing 5 years have gone by and he blurted this out randomly. And this unfolded after your parents retired. I miss the old RW days :)


I find myself crying as I read this. It brings back so many memories of our early days, trying to figure out if something was wrong with our son, or with us as parents. We were also "asked to leave" preschool and it was the lowest of lows. It is truly amazing, though, when you stumble on to that one person who puts it all in perspective and somehow makes you understand that you will get through this. God bless Dr. Chris. And the hub? Brilliant. Perfect way to define it.

I will be holding my breath until tomorrow.


I love your analogy of the hub.

Looking forward to reading the rest.


This is great! Only problem is, it's hard to wait for the conclusion!!

slouching mom

God. This is riveting!

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