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November 20, 2007


Lori at Spinning Yellow

Kristen - I'll send you an e-mail on the google thing - my husband showed me how!

Delilah - Penelope's article addresses parents, primarily, and says that educators are working on these issue. However, I think that changes once your child gets into elementary school, as many of us have experienced. There, the emphasis is strictly on meeting academic standards and whether your child can function with their peers is no longer very important. I know things will change over time as awareness increases about the breadth of ASD/SPD, but our kids won't get to benefit from it!

Laura - Good social skills and street smarts can cover for being less intelligent (or lacking a quality education), but being smart cannot cover for being unable to get along with people and having common sense!


My father always said people skills and street smarts will get you a long way in life! Happy Thkanksgiving and can't wait for the Christmas break in another month! UGHH!!!


I read this article yesterday and thought the same thing! It really bothers me how our school focuses so much on the academic component. Just because a child does well academically does not mean he/she does not have any social/emotional needs. I think our school tends to forget how wide the ASD/SPD spectrum is, and any child who does not fit neatly into one of their "programs" is left to fall through the cracks.


Thanks for the link...good article. One of these days you'll have to walk me through setting up a google alert. I'm clueless on that one, but it sounds like a cool thing.

Sending you a hug, too, because it sounds like you need one. Or a glass of wine. You pick.

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