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November 26, 2007



Better late than never!



OK-here we go, 7 facts about me:

1. I was the May Queen in the 8th grade.

2. I am the only one of my 10 siblings not named after a saint, but named after a song.

3. When I was 19 years old, I tried out for the Eagle's cheerleaders and made it to final cuts. After learning of the grueling practice schedule and also investing a whopping $500.00 for a shore rental for the summer w/girlfriends, I dropped out. Ahh, to be young & stupid again!

4. I don't eat veal b/c I feel sorry for the baby calves.

5. I have met so many celebrities, I lost track/count.

6. I have a total of 2 skeletons in my closet. One a mistake and one a personal regret.

7. I was the first one in third grade allowed to write with a pen-this was BIG in Catholic school.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

So interesting that many of you could relate to #6!

Kristen - there was a store in Manhattan beach, outside LA, that sold all cow things, very hip, maybe it was the same owner?

Julie - yes, you have been busy, and no pressure from me for sure, I am waaaay behind with memes and I never seem to get to your Hump Day posts either!


Good ones, Lori. The cows, oh, the cows! Who could froget about the cows? And I will vouch for you that you were a collector long before anyone else. I was a B-log major for one semester if you recall. I couldn't handle the discussions about trucks and trains-- I was out of there!

Kristen, I will have to think of some good Lori stories to post sometime.

Julie Pippert

I have not done this meme! Good catch. And thank you. After today I am brain dead and so busy, this will be a good fill. Oh DUDE, I have Hump Day tomorrow. I may cry. Thursday-ish I'll fulfill my tag.

I am beside myself LOL at your #6..so the same here LOL.

Great list!

Using My Words


Okay, where are the crazy stories about you from your friends? C'mon people...

Funny, I flirted with a cow thing once too. Didn't acquire too much before losing interest, but there was this amazing cow novelty store at Pier 39 (I think that's the name?) in San Francisco, and I remember buying a cow apron and a few other things that day. It was like cow nirvana. Wonder if it's still there?

March Day

I'm with you on #6. At one time I briefly considered pursuing a degree in elementary education, but my mom discouraged me for some reason. She was an elementary teacher until I was born. Sure wish I could go back and re-do that decision. Then again, I could go back to school....


Oh I could so relate to #6! As I was being the radio news big-wig on campus they were gaining skills I need NOW. (I did take some ECE courses shortly before I got preganant with Nik though.)

Ok, I'll be a sport and play along...who else tagged me? I missed that one!


I'm right with you on #5, although I am improving.

Egypt- wow!

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