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November 04, 2007



I LOVE that she is a girly-girl ;)

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Jenn -
Sadly, I think she is learning from me. Also, perhaps b/c we tend to be weaker physically, we (women) adapt by becoming bitchy.

Kristen -
Oh, yes, she shows me much love all the time and I don't doubt we will be close friends when she is older. Right now, though, she is just starting to exert her independence.


Ah yes, how young they learn that part of being girls.

Why is that?


I know there are all sorts of sayings about mothers and daughters, but in the end, when it really matters, my mom is my go-to gal. Despite all the other stuff, all the guilt she throws your way, I'm willing to bet Jane feels the same about you.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Niksmom - it's ok, you can laugh, you have a sweet boy!

Delilah - Easier? I wish, but I fear that with her, it will probably get worse. What is it with mothers and daughters anyway?


Oh, we have many moments like this in our house too. It does get better, right?


Soooo sorry but this made me crack up! She could've been eavesdropping on ME when I get pissy (under my breath of course!)about something Niksdad did/didn't do. LOL

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