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November 24, 2007



Lordy. This just made me decide to put off moving Isaac from his toddler bed for a while - like say ten years or so.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Casdok - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Classic indeed!

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Jordan - we would have considered that if it wasn't so late at night, damn our good intentions.

tulipmom - yep, she's filled the bed up with more crap and curls into a little corner. Your story cracked me up!

Laura - I think I pulled this stuff as a kid. My parents like to remind me of times when I begged for stuff that I never used or hated. Thanks for reminding me that this is just the beginning!


Ha! That ranks right up there with assembling those Christmas toys they never play with.


That is funny! Prepare yourselves this kind of behavior for the next 15 years or so.


Ah, yes, know this story well...


Yes classic!

March Day

Ah, yes. The transition to the big bed. Both boys had to sleep on the mattresses on the floor for a while at first.

BTW, wanted to let you know I tagged you for a meme, but only if you care to participate.


What we don't do for our kids, huh?

Despite wanting a bed, SB actually slept on the floor for at least 6 months after getting his bed. On the floor behind his door in a nice little corner. Sort of like the nice little corner he used to occupy IN HIS CRIB!


Oh, man, that's a classic. I hope she adjusts soon to the new bed. You must've been so annoyed! (BTW, that reminds me, I know one couple who, in that situation, actually took the bed apart and put it in storage, and reassembled the child's crib!! I thought that was a bit much!)

slouching mom

Isn't it ALWAYS like that!

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