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October 01, 2007


Lori at Spinning Yellow

Laura - Thanks, girlfriend. It is great to know that you've got my back, or my belly, as it may be!

And I forgot to post this from my friend Dee:

Love the photo! I'm really excited for you. Even though three children can be challenging, you won't ever regret it. This was supposed to happen for you, at this time. Decaf isn't so bad! Hope you feel well (but not too well initially, right?)



a new life is always worth going decaf for, if only for a few months. i was made it too far.


Hey Rachel, the question is are you nuts? Get a life-you obviously took the time to read Lori's "entire blog" and know nothing about her nor her life for that matter. Get a life...........


Are you nuts? Your entire blog suggests that you are riddled with anxiety. The logical trajectory is that you will have more of the same. And to what end? And you expect what, exactly? Sorry, I just can't get all mushy about it. More isn't better.


yay! so many congratulations! have a bowl of vanilla ice cream on me!!


Congratulations!! Really. Awesome. News. You. Very cool!!!!


Congratulations!! What wonderful news.

And I love what your son said. That's going to make me smile all day.


OH MY GOD! Did this happen after the last cards get-together? You were a little tipsy that night... Seriously, I am thrilled for you guys. Congrats!


Lori & Matt-
Congratulations! What sad, um, I mean great news!! Really, so happy for you guys! So I guess that means on Friday, you will not have wine-booey. That's ok-wait 'til I tell you what I've been going through-unbelievable. I am a statistic............
Much love to you all :)

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