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September 07, 2007



I know what you mean about watching it unfold and seeing it in your head about a split second before it happens, just enough time to get a glimpse but not enough time to change the outcome. Sigh.

I'm glad the teeth seem to be okay. Scott sounds like a pretty wise little guy. It's funny how kids, in their simplicity and wisdom, very often show us the way.

Hope next week is uneventful!


You and me both dearie, and all our little kiddie winkies. Have a great weekend.


Ouch! Glad the teeth are still with him. You are lucky to have him.

slouching mom

Oh he's a wise one, that Scott!

Glad his teeth are OK.


Scott will always be lucky-it's obvious he knows "The Secret"! He's a tough kid, he'll be fine.

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