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September 30, 2007



From most reports you're senieg excellent defense and a hitter with a good eye and decent approach. Is that not tangilble? Or are we taking the Dom Brown approach to evaluating this guy and relying on small sample sizes? You call it an excuse but in truth this is our reality with him. Making any kind of determination on this guy right now is unfair at best. Would I have liked him to tear the cover off the ball? Of course. But try to look on the bright side, he's staying on the field so far and his baseball accumen doesn't seem to have been affected by his long layoff. I look forward to senieg what he does this year and hope he's over his injury problems.


Here;s a thought. The clabier of hitter sent to the AFL is higher than the quality of the pitchers, as the better pitchers have usually maxed out their innings in the regular season, and teams wish to rest them during the offseason. Pitchers are facing a higher clabier of hitter than they are used to, and their ERA is what it is, rationalized away, in some cases, by lack of participation. They are facing a clabier of hitter closer to the MLB level and there ain't no gradin' on the curve..Seems to me the stats oriented raised a stink awhile back because someone converted minor league performance to MLB performance, and now we have minor league offseason training and education exhibition setting performance equated to an MLB performance.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Laura - Matt calls it the heartbreak of Philly sports. He's a Yankee fan, they always win.


I am living with a miserable husband right now b/c now that the Phillies have won that means the the Eagles couldn't possibly have won also. No, never in Philadelphia..............


This very conversation took place in my house for the entire month of September. I'm glad it had a happy ending, or I'd be living with a pretty miserable husband right now.

Jordan Sadler

I bow down to your understanding of both baseball and mathematics.


This just gave me the willies!

slouching mom

This sounds like something Ben would come up with. You've said it, and I agree -- those two share some personality traits.

LOL! Our children can make us feel so damn...stupid.

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