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September 15, 2007



Have you gone to the store yet ;)?

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Also, my friend Dee sent this e-mail:

We've been through many of the same illnesses (except the dog's), especially the last one. Sorry I wasn't overly excited or encouraging on the phone (being at work and all). At least you will be at peace knowing that you did what your heart was telling you to do (liquor helps to clarify things! LOL). I have a sickness of my own: "Lost-in-Blog-itis", where I read your blog, which leads me to others blogs, and before you know it 2 hours have passed by and I am still sitting here. This is why you haven't seen me much lately. So, I just visited and got semi caught up and now I will be gone for awhile. Wishing you the best! -D."

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Niksmom had to e-mail again b/c typepad is giving her more trouble. Here is what she tried to comment:

Anyway, I wanted to say congrats on the pregnancy! Well, that and "Thank goodness it's not contageous!" ;-)

Seriously, congratulations.
Beth aka/Niksmom

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Thanks everyone!

Laura - Mr. Bus Stop, *snort*

Mcewen - all at once, for sure, at least the misery is over faster

Julie - welcome! So glad you came by and that you laughed. Hmmm, I'll have to think about the Disney World fertility trip.

Julie Pippert

Sorry sorry but LMAO!

Oh the "needs help going to sleep" disorder. It's a disorder here b/c so far it's permanent.

As for your last one, GL to you!! whichever way I mean it and you take it. LOL ;)

BTW, if you ever read Halushki, that's her story...baby carrier almost 40, goes to Disney, comes home PG. I'm amazed how many people I know who brought home babies as souvenirs. ;) Maybe Disney now. LOL

I've got a lot of -itis right now, most especially the Lazitis and Crankitis.

Using My Words

Oh, The Joys

Good luck with that last one!

Over here the Rooster has croup. Ugh.


You totally crack me up! Hope the baby-itis thing works out ;)


I can never work out if I prefer consecutive or simultaneous ailments! Wishing you extra power to your battery pack.
Best wishes

Jordan Sadler

Wow, I love the cliff-hanger!! I hope it works out for you! We too get many of these forms of illness. I totally have Back-to-School-itis and can't wait for the ridiculous meetings to end, and we all got the allergy/cold thing the *day* the temperature suddenly dropped last week. Ugh.


Wow. Your house is busy, busy, busy!! I really love this post. Wishing you all health, happiness and may all your wildest dreams come true...


This was totally funny! I didn't even go the either back-to-school nights b/c #1 I had to work and #2 Mr. Bus Stop now works at home so he went! I LOVE it and I agree-these meetings are nothing but a PITA!! The end was great-I'll drink to that-been there, done that. See you Friday-hope you guys are feeling better!

slouching mom

Really? Truly? I'm so happy for you! Congratulations!

Had to laugh at Back-to-School-itis. I've got it too.

This post made me laugh, beginning to end. And at the end, the surprise twist! Perfect!

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