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September 10, 2007


Lori at Spinning Yellow

Niksmom sent me this e-mail:

Hi Lori,

I'm having trouble getting this to post. Tk thinks I haven't registered but I have and now it's not cooperating with me! ARGH...

Anyway, wanted to make sure you saw this:

Hi Lori. Thanks for stopping by my blog. No, don't even worry that your post caused my upset. I was already there when I decided to catchup on some reading. Your post just gave me a framework for it. If it makes you feel better, I also got to see some really NEAT things Nik had been doing in the past. And re-living the day he came off of oxygen (at the age of 15 months!) was as wonderful as it was the first time. :-)

BTW, Kristen, see...we ARE connected! LOL



As long as we can keep the element of surprise, there will always be more fun ahead.
Best wishes

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Hi Jordan, thanks for reading and commenting! It is crazy to realize how much we can't foresee. I read your blog, too, see it's right in my Blogroll.

tac - I knew you could relate!

SM - "thought-provoking" is one of my favorite compliments!


It's hard for me to think a year in advance. Unfortunately, I tend to dwell a bit too much on the past. BTW, you better not be living in a new house on this date a year from now!


Oops. Meant Slouching Mom. Niksmom must have been in my imaginary life at that moment. Sigh.


I'm with Niksmom. In my real life, I have a hard time getting past yesterday and tomorrow. But in my imaginary life (the pretend movie that runs in my head in sync to my actual life only 10 times better), there are no bounds.


Hi, I've been enjoying your blog for a while now but was daunted by the Type Key sign in process (only because I'm a total dork)! Anyway, great blog!

I do a similar thing with time. There have been some really remarkable leaps - I think the biggies like moving, having babies, etc. are really amazing to think about. Thinking back a year from July 2006 to July 2005 and realizing it hadn't even occurred to us that we'd ever leave San Francisco - when here we were, already in Chicago - was a mind-blower. It's really fascinating, I think.


I love this post and I love to do the same. Not always a year, maybe, but I love to look back and think, "wow, how could I have ever known "a" would have led to "b". While I wouldn't call myself a control freak, I am rather conservative when it comes to making changes - I tend to do it slowly and safely. Yet, I too am amazed and delighted at the surprises life brings us!

slouching mom

I tend to think most about yesterday and tomorrow. I'm not a long-range kind of gal, either prospectively or retrospectively. Long-range thinking has always make me anxious. LOL!

Thought-provoking post!

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