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September 23, 2007



Congrats on the 10K- you are my hero!


Congrats on the 10K-what an accomplishment! I was cracking up @ the "blogalogue" comment-loved it! Sorry to hear about the chaos and guilt-I was getting hot flashes just reading about it. Yes, hot flashes-you don't even want to know!

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Thanks guys!

I really did go to sleep as soon as I posted this, so it was great to wake up to the comments! I was feeling like blogging was one more thing I need to do, but you all reminded me that it is a GOOD thing, nonetheless!

Lori at Spinning Yellow

From my friend Dee who is having a fight with Typepad:

Glad to hear the race went well. Very impressive. Great to see you face-to-face the other day, and your family too. These once every few years visits just don't cut it. I cheated and visited your blog even though I said I'd be gone for awhile. I've been bitten by the Blog Bug again. I wonder why you are so tired? Could it be?

slouching mom

I too am totally impressed by your running a 10K.

We're not going anywhere. Post when you have time.


Oh...get some rest!! I'm tired just reading about it!!

Hope the week is productive...

Jordan Sadler

You're so funny!

Congrats on the 10K, I'm so impressed!

And I know that feeling, that horrible overwhelmed feeling. Your list made *my* blood pressure go up, because I related so well to it.

Go easy on yourself and write when you can - we all look forward to hearing what you say when you have time to say it.

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