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September 03, 2007


Lori at Spinning Yellow

Oh, yes, tac, I can see jlc with the t-neck saying: I can't mix my salty bacon with the sweet pancake syrup. He and I can be rigid that way. It is just not supposed to be super hot for a football game!

Barb Laurenson

Wow! Beautifully written!!!


ljb - you crack me up."...sometimes I just don't want to be that happy..." that will have to go down as a classic quote!
you and jlc can definitely share in that desire for autumn to arrive. He hates the dreaded indian summer, especially when it interferes with his desire/need to dress in a turtleneck and sweatshirt for a PSU game. I've already accompanied him to a game where he's insisted on wearing his tneck even though the October forecast called for 85 degreees. He lost 10 lbs that game I think!


We're ready too. Time for summer to move on and move out.

This was a great post Lori...you can't see, but I'm smiling. This post made me smile.


I really enjoyed this post-very nice Lori! I am happy that summer is over and I absolutely LOVE the fall-it's my favorite season for many of the same reasons you posted about-my b-day, Emma's b-day, our anniversary, pumpkins and sweaters. I am so glad that the kids are back on a schedule too and I hope Scott made out ok on his first day of first grade!


Great post! As much as I loved summer as a kid, (for many of the same reasons as you), it's now fall that I look forward to.

slouching mom

I so like this post! I'm about where you are with regard to my feelings about summer -- ambivalent.

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