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August 02, 2007


Lori at Spinning Yellow

Wow SM, you really read this post?! I don't know how you get to so many blogs and still manage to post amazing daily entries.
And, yes, they said they would send me the results of his participation and I am not sure about the overall results. I will probably get that when the study is released to the press (like 5 years from now or something).

slouching mom

Will they send you the results of the study? Not, of course, individual results, but their overall findings? I think that would be really interesting. I hope they follow up with you somehow.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

I sent this e-mail in response to mcewen's comment:

Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting at Spinning Yellow. I thought I should clarify that the Sensory Integration Lab was not a therapy session for Scott. Nor was it a diagnosis situation. They were gathering information for their study but it was not something that he would benefit from directly. This makes me realize that I should do a post that explains where we are with all this. That Scott has been tested for many things, among them Autism, but his only official, unofficial (b/c it is not recognized in the DSMV) is SPD. He has been receiving SI OT for almost 2 years now. I follow Mom-NOS and This MOM b/c their children and experiences are often similar to mine (plus they are fabulous observers and writers), even though Scott is not Autistic. I appreciate your input as well as anyone else b/c together we can help to further awareness and tolerance for all levels of neurological disorders.

And then I got this reply:

Dear Lori,
thanks for the clarification. It was my first visit to your blog [I always try and comment first time now rather than lurk for a while!] and I found your blog through a comment you'd left elsewhere [can't remember where now] As I have two autistic boys, I'm always interested on progress along any avenue.
And yes, the more we can all get the word out about awareness of all disabilities the better.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

I wanted to add this exchange in here for y'all to see. Thanks again Maddy!


There are always so many different options. Hope that this one works out for you.[all]
Best wishes

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Lori - Totally understandably concern. I wasn't sure how it would go myself. If you are interested you can tell Teal and see what she thinks. I know you want to help, but it is a project, getting down there, dealing with your other kids, etc. Hey, speaking of which I haven't seen that little guy yet! I have to do something about that!


Very interesting study. I'm tempted to sign Kate up for it, but I'm afraid that just sitting in the chair with stuff attached to her would result in total panic.

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