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August 20, 2007


Oh, The Joys

I'm sure he will find his way. He has you.


It sounds unkind [and I certainly don't mean it in that way] but I sympathise with children and parents that fall between the cracks. I don't know how else to phrase it, but you certainly have my sympathises, many of the difficulties with none of the help and support.
best wishes

slouching mom

I think Scott will do well. Because you are totally on top of things as far as he is concerned.

To me it sounds as if you understand him very deeply and intuitively.

And that's what he needs most -- an advocate -- you.


Hang in there-I know it's hard. Dallas had adjustment issues in both Kindergarten and 1st Grade. He is going to be fine and you are a great mom! And you are pretty and smart and all that good stuff :)


Lori at Spinning Yellow

Hi Kristen - Last year, in Kindergarten, Scott did receive school sponsored OT. He didn't qualify for an IEP b/c his issues didn't fit into the designated categories (things that are in the DSMV), but they were able to help him through a PA loophole called a 504 agreement. At the end of the year they re-tested him and determined that he does not need any more special accommodations.
Part of the problem is that he is meeting (often exceeding) all the "no child left behind" measures. It is the old story of not being bad enough to meet the "special needs" criteria.

And, yes, he does sound so much like your son, who I know will also be starting 1st grade. I am so glad you are blogging too and that we found each other!

Thanks for your good thoughts, I send them to you as well!


Lori, I'm curious as to why Scott doesn't qualify for extra support from the school district? From what you've posted here, he sounds a lot like my son, who was originally diagnosed with SPD and then eventually PDD-NOS.

So much of what you describe here is the stuff that keeps me up nights. We are also about to start 1st grade (a full day) and yes, the writing, the fine motor, lunch time, the long day...I'm with you. It's daunting.

I'll keep good thoughts for you and for Scott.

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