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August 16, 2007


Lori at Spinning Yellow

Laura - scary story, I am so glad Dallas did the right thing! Now if only we could teach him how to get back in the house when he gets locked out!
SM - I agree that the kids were just baffled by my behavior assuming that I was going to punish them once they got inside. The overwhelming thing I felt was powerless. Like they wouldn't even believe me if there was an emergency. It scared me and saddened me.

slouching mom

Lori: I'm not sure. Maybe it's because my kids are older (one's soon six, the other's soon ten), or maybe it's because I live in a tiny town -- but I allow them to play alone on the driveway all the time.

Do you think maybe your two were a bit frozen when they saw your reaction and had trouble seeing the precipitant?

I think kids have a self-preservation instinct that's stronger than we imagine -- when it's really put to the test.

But I know others who disagree with me.


That is scarey-but you'd be amazed how their own instincts put them into survival mode. I remember a time when we were shopping at KOP Mall and we lost Dallas. We were in Eddie Bauer and there were a lot of mirrors and he somehow found himself out of the store and into the crowd-it was the holidays too! The mirrors confused him. Anyway, I have always, always told my kids to find a lady, mommy, grandmom b/c women for the most part are more trustworthy and compassionate when it comes to a child. He found an old lady in a wheelchair and told her he was lost. We got him back safe, thank God! However, sometimes I do wish he'd get lost-just kidding!

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Her Bad Mother sent me this comment via e-mail:

I wasn't able to login to comment on your post 'DO try this at home', but wanted to say that it was freaky and fascinating. Will absolutely be trying at home, when WB's a bit bigger.

- HBM http://www.badladies.blogspot.com/


I think about this too. Such a big, scary world out there!

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Yes, I am sure my actions made the kids outright afraid! Either because I was just scary or they thought they'd get in bigger trouble once they got inside (why rush in for that?!).

I have seen advertisements for videos and I think I should get them. Scott also has the right answers about this stuff, but I want someone else to go over it with him (the experts!) Plus, maybe they have a better way to explain, "Why would someone want to take a child, Mommy?".

Scott is very smart but is laking in common sense. If he got lost somewhere he'd crumble up in a ball crying instead of finding a person in authority and reciting his stats and phone numbers that he surely knows.


I often wonder how my son would fare in an emergency. We've tried talking about it, and he gives the right answers, but who really knows?

He saw a commercial once on TV for a kids "safety" video. So we bought it for him. It was a wacky video, but the messages were dead on. Email me if you want more info on it.

Meanwhile, hang in there. In defense of your kids, I do think hysteria can be confusing. :)

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