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July 02, 2007


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I just love crying at work!! Thanks! I don't think I've ever heard another person speak so highly of their MIL, and it makes me happy. I can no longer call mine MIL, I have a new one now, but I can't refer to her as the ex MIL either; she would hand me my ass. I must refer to her as MIL number one. I love her! She's known me since I was 15 years old and dating her only son, then marrying her only son and giving her the first grandchild. She is a two time breast cancer survivor, but it is only a tiny piece of who she is. She is my stand-in mother, the Granny who IS all that to my two daughters, my seamstress, confidant, shopping partner, most generous, thoughtful, wonderful, beautiful, the best listener, my backup, my hero and my friend.

She would be all of that even without cancer. When she had her last surgery and they removed her breast, I told her that she kicked cancer's ass...again, we decided she needs that tattooed somewhere.

Thank you for your blog, and allowing me to comment :)

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Thank-you everyone. My MIL is a little embarrassed to be recognized like this, but I couldn't help myself. It is all true and I loved being able to write it, share it and honor her.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

My dear friend, Laura, is still having a technical problem. here is her comment:

You are very fortunate that you and your MIL can call each other friend-it is very rare. You are so thorough and caring & I can see that Matt appreciates and loves that about you. You are a good person!


This post was beautiful and I'm sure your MIL feels very fortunate that her son married you! As for your MIL - wow - what an amazing woman!


If, for nothing else, it this piece alone why I love you so much. It brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat. Her story is one of inspiration and awe. Thank you.

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