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July 29, 2007



Ouchy! That looks like it hurt, but at least it made the trip all that more memorable! Your trip sounded so interesting and I really want to hear all about it.


Lori at Spinning Yellow

Thanks for your words of sympathy! My cousin also commented through e-mail (you can post here, girl, everyone who reads this is friendly, I promise). Here's what she said:

Ouch. Looks like it hurt. That would so happen to me. Hey, it's good to be remembered!
I have to catch up on the rest, you've been busy!

Meagan, thanks for stopping by, it was great meeting you too! Did you see Time Magazine's cover story on boys - can't decide whether I want to write about that or BlogHer (or a million other things!)

Meagan Francis

You know, I figured it was something like that when I saw you at the cocktail party, but I figured probably enough people had asked you about it a zillion times over...so I refrained and just made up scenarios in my head. The scenarios in my head, by the way, were much more exciting, and most of them featured muggers or at least escalators.

It was great to meet you!


Ouch! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Looking forward to hearing all about it!


Honey, I don't know why, but I fall all the time. I'm clumsy. Very clumsy. Makes for some good stories, though.

Can't wait to read more about the weekend!


Sorry to hear about your fall, Lori! Well, you won't ever forget your first BlogHer conference! And hey, if it gets you more exposure, way to "take one for the team". Looking forward to hearing about your other experiences at the conference.

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