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July 10, 2007



I hope it works-they keep asking to start an account and pay monthly to post-I am confused. The Scott Tissue reference is the new commercial they have where everyone in the office whispers. The receptionist answers the phone whispering "Good morning, thank you for calling Scott Tissue." And then they show them all in a conference room whispering everything-it's funny.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Laura -
You're in! Yea!! There is simply too much time with the kids, the two of them together, me w/o a break. As expected I am so done with summer and it is barely half way over!! What's the Scott Tissue reference? I am clueless!


I hear you about the yelling, feeling guilty for yelling, breaking up fights between the kids-it's exhausting! Maybe we should try to get a job at the Scott Tissue headquarters or something-they seem to have under control...........

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