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June 28, 2007



My head is spinning. Wow...how renidag a blog can make me feel completely ignorant! Feeds? That what I do to my kids and dogs. Blog Reader? Isn't that what I am? I should have stopped at the Minivan post! Hope I can continue to follow you in the future. I may surprise myself and figure it out!Blessings!


Is there a way I can email you to walk you through a bunch of your quiestons? I'm glad to help, but doing it all in a comment would just take too much space. And I can hide email from my students :)

Lori at Spinning Yellow

And I didn't win the contest. I am learning something about these contests over at BlogRhet. Call me naive, but I thought they were fair, and possibly, they aren't so much.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

My friend, Laura, tried to post a comment but had some technical difficulties. Here it is:

Lori, now about this minivan nonsense, just promise me that your's will not be sporting any dents, bumps or bruises. In the meantime, I must think of something to make one look hip & stylish whilst out & about in one's minivan. I'll think of something.............

Thanks girlfriend, but I probably won't be the one driving it! Feel sorry for Matt!


Although our next one will have windows that roll down in the second row (per the kids' request). There were'nt many models that had that option when we bought ours.

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Dee - I know you love your minivan and I would probably love one too (especially one like yours)! The contest winner is supposed to be announced by 7/1.


That is so cool! Is her contest over? I think you have a good chance! A minivan! (Gasp!) You know I love mine and had it when I only had 2 kids. It is so much easier to get them in and out of. I did require leather seats and a sunroof to at least make me feel a "little" more hip. Can't wait to hear more about it.

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