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June 26, 2007


Lori at Spinning Yellow

tac - I love this logic! That way Matt can be responsible for potty training boys (boy parts, easier for men) AND girls (mom/daughter conflict)! Yes, we have tried having Matt take her to the bathroom and it doesn't work any better. And we told her about preschool too. It just doesn't seem to register yet, maybe when it gets closer.

I may have hope with gum, though. Her interest did peak a little when I told her she could get some. I'll be working that angle now and I'll keep you all posted!


Okay - at the risk of stating the obvious, isn't preschool the incentive she needs or is she not interested in going? Don't worry, though, she won't go to coll...oops, sorry! Actually, Lori, not having girls myself so I'm only theorizing, but perhaps this is just her first of many(?) mother daughter battles.:) Is she more cooperative if Matt tries to take her to the potty?

Lori at Spinning Yellow

Thanks, at least I know I am not alone. And you guys are the people with 3 kids! I hope you were not offended. I was just thinking while writing this that the PT thing is so damn HARD and why is that? I have survived other childhood phases, but this hurdle is the worst (for me). And it makes me feel inadequate and not worthy of having another kid even if I thought I could handle all other issues.
Lori - I'd be wiping 3 asses too (not including my own) if I had another baby now! What will Linda H. think come fall? I finally got Jane into that school and now she won't be allowed to start!


It is not a fun project to tackle. Sure, our Erick was technically potty trained, meaning he was out of diapers, but he used to walk around all the time with wet underwear, and it didn't bother him a bit. He'd be playing on the swings or whatever, and didn't feel like stopping, so he would just pee and keep on going. This happened until he was probably 4 years old. And since his sister is his clone, she'll probably be the exact same way!


I too am feeling the pressure of training Annabelle. I spent 2 full days sitting on the bathroom floor reading The 3 Little Pigs, only to have her pee the second she got off the potty and put her underpants on. I gave up and resigned myself to the reality that I will soon be wiping 3 rear ends.

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