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June 17, 2007


Lori at Spinning Yellow

Barb - I thought I might be able to count on you! OK, I know intrigued is not in, yet. But I have some time to convince you. Just think you'd be doing it with me, who would never have dreamed I'd do it. The same person who was track manager in high school and wore a letter jacket with Twirler on it. Come on, you want to help me get there, right? Now, if only we can get a group together...

Barb Laurenson

I'm somewhat tempted to say "Yippee! Count me in for the marathon!" Part of me really wants to do another one. But it's such a time consuming endeavor! I think it would be wonderful to run a big race with you and make an event out of it. Fall of '08 would be a good time to do it. You've got me intrigued.


Happy Birthday and Congratulations on the race! What an accomplishment for sure! Now that I am actually 40, I don't think I will be signing up for any marathons. Life is after all, a marathon in itself. Keep it up girl!



236.Lori F 31:35 10:10 84/112 F35-39:9/14 48.2% N/A

9th of 14 in your age group! 236 / 285 overall!

Not too shabby on a very hot and difficult morning! Woo Hoo!!!


Running a marathon...hmmm...yes, as Dee mentioned preparation is the key and the training is harder than the actual race. The race is the reward for the training. The marathon is more mental than anything and if Al Gore and Oprah ran Marine Corps so can anyone else. If you do the preparation you should be fine the next day. People who wreck themselves running a marathon did not put in the time, the miles or respect the distance. Consistency....take a look at
for a good overview on all the races.


Lori, you did it! Congrats! I think it is a major accomplishment. Think about it: a year ago would you have thought you'd run in a 5K race?

As far as the marathon goes, I'm sorry, but that is not for me (especially since I've never run more than a mile or so, even in track in HS). My employer sponsors the NYC Marathon and I've seen people from our office who have run in it. This one woman was in excruciating pain for days afterward! Preparation is the key I'm sure.

Happy b-day!


Happy Birthday and congrats on the race!

Lori G


Jane, Scott and I are sooooo proud of you and we couldn't think of a better birthday present. We love you and are proud you are our mommy (and wife ;)!!

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